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Do you have books that you want to donate to the mobile library?

We are seeking funding and assistance in order to expanding this project. We are also looking for sponsors and donations that revolve around: books, clothing, shoes, excellent seeds, solar technology, mobile technology, computer technology etc.

We accept books in the following languages: English, French & Malagasy.

Zara Aina (Mobile Library)
Lot IVG 161, Antanimena RDC
Antananarivo 101 Madagascar

Please also attach this phone number to make package delivery easier:

034 08 822 84



  • Farming and agriculture
  • Language
  • Children’s Books
  • Educational & Lesson Based
  • DIY / Construction
  • Healthcare & Wellbeing
  • Nature and Wildlife
  • Environmental
  • Relatable Biographies
  • Science
  • Alternative Energy
  • Wildlife in Madagascar
  • Relevant Fiction


  • Picture books with sight words & literacy games
  • Documents discussing improved agrigulcral practices, renewable DIY energy, family health, etc.
  • Atlases, Dictionaries, Maps, Magazines
  • SD Cards & Literacy documents for phones
  • Seeds, Trees, Gardening tools
  • Notepads & writing tools
  • Clothes, Shoes, Soccer balls, toys, etc.
  • Solar panels & associated tech
  • Your Old cell phones and computer tech

The mobile library is also looking for assistants and volunteers that can be understudies for the assistants and volunteers with the goal of adding more mobile libraries, routes and establishing smaller community libraries.


Lot IVG 161 Antanimena RDC
Antananarivo 101 Madagascar